April 3 2022 – Lent

Pastor John Veenstra

Prelude: Wonderful, Merciful Saviour

Call to Worship
   Come to the Lord, who is rich in grace; approach our God, who is full of mercy.
   We will praise God with all our heart, and glorify the name of the Most High forever.
God’s Greeting
*Song of Worship: Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

Call to Confession 
Spoken Prayer and Silent Prayer of Confession
Words of Assurance

Song of Reflection: I Know Not Why God’s Wondrous Grace

Prayers of the People (John)

Scripture Readings: John 12:20-33
Sermon: “Good News! A New Day Dawns”
Prayer of Application

Testimony of Faith: Our World Belongs to God #25

Standing in our place, Jesus suffered during his years on earth, especially in the tortures of the cross. He carried God’s judgment on our sin— his sacrifice removed our guilt.
God raised him from the dead: he walked out of the grave, conqueror of sin and death— Lord of Life! We are set right with God, given new life, and called to walk with him in freedom from sin’s dominion.

Worship Song:  Go Forth In His Name