Men at the Table – Sat., Nov. 15

MEN AT THE TABLE – Saturday morning, Nov. 15 at Bethel Church, Waterdown.

Meet at 8 a.m., and enjoy a great breakfast! Then, our special topic:  What Does It Mean to be A Man Today?

Men today seem to be in trouble. What does it mean to be male today? Does being male mean we must be “controlling” or “in control”? Or that we must be “wimps”? Where are the role models for healthy men? Is a male way of experiencing relationships and the world even legitimate today? How can we experience a life-giving, healthy sense of maleness, where as men we bless and help to sustain those around us—our loved ones, both male and female, and our communities? We will explore all these themes and more in a “Men on Men” conversation together.

Facilitator: Mark Vander Vennen of Shalem Mental Health Network

MATT: Food for body, mind and spirit

Bring a friend! There’s room at The Table …