Stories of the Stones

Stories of the Stones” is an opportunity to meet with women from all walks of life and share our stories. As we listen and share, we laugh together, sometimes we cry together but we are always encouraged and we learn from each other.

We meet at 10:00 am on the 1st Saturday of most months at Bethel Church on the corner of Highway 5 and Kerns Road. Over coffee, tea and muffins we get to know each other and share our journeys. You are invited to come and bring a friend with you.

On Feb. 7, Jane Brouwer will share her story as a cancer survivor. Her story is entitled, ‚ÄúThere is life after cancer”. She will discuss the changes she made in her life that she thought would contribute to her survival, for instance: positive attitude, making sure her immune system was strengthened, partnering with her doctor, researching everything about her cancer, taking supplements, exercise, lots of prayer, and the importance of a support group. These are things that can be applied to anyone’s life. She is now 20 years past her colon cancer, which was stage 3, and by the grace of God she is still here. We look forward to hearing the story this courageous and inspiring woman has to share.

For more information, call Bethel Church at 905-689-7796.