January 24, 2021

Pastor: Jack Kerkhof

Welcome and God’s Greeting
Opening Song: How Great is Our God

Kid’s Time
Kid’s Song: How Can I Keep from Singing?

Prayers of the People 
Song: Take My Life and Let it Be

Scripture and Message: Luke 2: 33-40 ~ Anna
Song of Response: Praise My Soul the King of Heaven

Testimony of Faith: Lord’s Day 11 Question and Answer #29, 30
Q. Why is the Son of God called Jesus, that is, Saviour?
A. Because he saves us from all our sins, and because salvation is not to be sought or found in anyone else.

Q. Do those who seek their salvation or well-being in saints, in themselves, or anywhere else, also believe in the only Saviour Jesus?
A. No. Though they boast of him in words, they in fact deny the only Saviour Jesus.
For one of two things must be true: either Jesus is not a complete Saviour,
or those who by true faith accept this Saviour must find in him all that is necessary for their salvation.

God’s Blessing
Closing Song: What a Faithful God