January 30, 2022

Pastor: Michael Fallon

Prelude: How Beautiful

Welcome  – Video about McMaster University Campus Ministry
God’s Greeting and Call to Worship
Opening Song: All I Once Held Dear

WEDDING BANNS:  Jorita Mulder and Aaron Poort have expressed their desire to be united in Christian marriage. If there are no lawful objections, the ceremony will take place D.V. on Friday, February 11, in Bethel Church of Waterdown, with Pastors Bruce Adema and Bill DeJong officiating.

Celebration of  Lord’s Supper: Please prepare your own elements at home
Song of Response: Jesus Messiah

Prayers of the People [Adriana]

Scripture Reading: Matthew 20:20-23
Message: The Cup of Blessing

Testimony of Faith: Our World Belongs to God #26

“Being both divine and human, Jesus is the only mediator.
He alone paid the debt of our sin; there is no other Saviour.
We are chosen in Christ to become like him in every way.
God’s electing love sustains our hope: God’s grace is free to save sinners who offer nothing but their need of mercy.”

Closing Song: Let Us Go
God’s Blessing to His People
Postlude: Christ our Hope in Life and Death