July 25, 2021

Pastor John Veenstra

Welcome, God’s Greeting and Call to Worship 
Opening Song: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Celebration of Communion 
Song of Response: Just As I Am/I Come Broken

Prayers of the People (Adriana)

Scripture Reading: Mark 9:38-50; Ezra 1:1-7; 4:11-16
Message: Have Salt in Yourselves

Testimony of Faith: Our World Belongs to God #42&43

In a world estranged from God,
where happiness and peace are offered in many names and millions face confusing choices,
we witness – with respect for followers of other ways –
to the only one in whose name salvation is found: Jesus Christ.
In Jesus, God reconciles the world to himself.
God loves all creation; his compassion knows no bounds.
Jesus Christ rules over all.
To follow this Lord is to serve him wherever we are without fitting in, light in darkness, salt in a spoiling world.

God’s Blessing to His People
Closing Song: O Church Arise
Postlude: Ancient of Days