June 20, 2021


Pastor: Femke Visser-Elenbaas

Prelude music
Welcome, Call to Worship and God’s Greeting
Opening Song: Love Divine All Loves Excelling

Confession and Assurance of Forgiveness
Prayers of the People (Andrea)
Song: You Are Mine

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:22-27
Message: Hope Amid Suffering
Song of Response: Song of Hope

Testimony of Faith: Our World Belongs to God #12

Even now, as history unfolds in ways we know only in part,
we are assured that God is with us in our world,
holding all things in tender embrace and bending them to his purpose.
The confidence that the Lord is faithful gives meaning to our day and hope to our years.
The future is secure, for our world belongs to God.

© 2008, Christian Reformed Church in North America, Grand Rapids MI. www.crcna.org. Reprinted with permission.

God’s Parting Blessing