March 21 2021

Pastor Jack Kerkhof

Words of Welcome, God’s Greeting and Call to Worship
Hymn of Praise: Jesus, Messiah

Lenten Reading and Prayers – Andrea
Song of Response: Before the Throne of God Above

Scripture Reading: John 8:1-12
Message: “A Journey to the Cross” – Jesus meets a woman caught in adultery
Song of Response: How Great is Our God

Testimony of Faith: Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 16
Q. Why did Christ have to suffer death?
A. Because God’s justice and truth require it:
nothing else could pay for our sins except the death of the Son of God.

Q. Why was he “buried”?
A. His burial testifies that he really died.

Q. Since Christ has died for us, why do we still have to die?
A. Our death does not pay the debt of our sins.
Rather, it puts an end to our sinning and is our entrance into eternal life.

Q. What further benefit do we receive from Christ’s sacrifice and death on the cross?
A. By Christ’s power our old selves are crucified, put to death, and buried with him, so that the evil desires of the flesh may no longer rule us,
but that instead we may offer ourselves as a sacrifice of gratitude to him.

God’s Blessing to His People
Closing Songs: How Vast the Love, Amazing Grace