September 12, 2021

Pastor: John Veenstra

Prelude music – Christ Be All Around Me
Welcome and God’s Greeting

Prayer: Gracious God, once again you have called us together in this place.
Here we open our hearts and lives before you, here we seek to hear Your life-giving Word.
God in this time of song and prayer and speech,
open our very souls to receive your challenge; open our wills to accept your instruction.
Turn our mourning into dancing, replace our sackcloths with garments of joy.
And when our time of worship is ended,
lead us back out into the world to share the Good News with the world around us.
We pray in the name of the One who brought Your healing love, Jesus of Nazareth.

Opening Song: Speak O Lord

Confession and Assurance of Forgiveness

Prayer: Most merciful God, we humbly admit that we need your help.
We confess that we have wandered from your way:
we have done wrong, and we have failed to do what is right.
You alone can save us. Have mercy on us:
wipe out our sins and teach us to forgive others.
Bring forth in us the fruit of the Spirit that we may live as disciples of Christ.
This we ask in the name of Jesus our Saviour. Amen.

Song: Bless The Lord O My Soul (10000 Reasons)
Prayers of the People (Geoff)

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 46:1-4, James 1: 1-18
Message: Sustain us in Our Times of Trial
Testimony of Faith: Our World Belongs to God #30

The Spirit gathers people from every tongue, tribe and nation into the unity
of the body of Christ. Anointed and sent by the Spirit, the church is thrust
into the world, ambassadors of God’s peace, announcing forgiveness and
reconciliation, proclaiming the good news of grace.
Going before them and with them,
the Spirit convinces the world of sin and pleads the cause of Christ.
Men and women, impelled by the Spirit, go next door and far away
into science and art, media and marketplace – every area of life,
pointing to the reign of God with what they do and say.

Song: Crown Him With Many Crowns
God’s Parting Blessing: The Grace