February 13, 2022

Pastor: Ted Bootsma
Prelude: Jesus, Be the Centre/Take My Life and Let it Be

Welcome, Godā€™s Greeting and Call to Worship
Opening Song: Awake, O Israel

Confession of Sins and Assurance of Forgiveness
Pouring the Baptismal Water

Children’s message:
Pastor Ted and Rambi
Song of Response: Jesus, Strong and Kind

Prayers of the People (Geoff)
Scripture: Exodus 18:13-27; Numbers 11:16-17;24-30; Ephesians. 4:7, 11-16
Sermon: A Leadership Crisis in the Desert
Song of Response: Before You I Kneel

Testimony of Faith: Our World Belongs to God #29:

The Spirit renews our hearts and moves us to faith,
leads us into truth, and helps us to pray, stands by us in our need, and
makes our obedience fresh and vibrant.
God the Spirit lavishes gifts on the church in astonishing variety ā€“
prophecy, encouragement, healing, teaching, service, tongues, discernment ā€“
equipping each member to build up the body of Christ and to serve our neighbours.

God’s Parting Blessing
Closing Song: O Church Arise
Postlude: My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness